Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer Lovin' - Shannon K. Butcher interview & giveaway

Welcome to Strange Candy Reviews, Shannon. It's great to have you here. For those who haven't read you books yet, can you tell us a little about them?
Thanks for having me! I write romantic suspense (NO REGRETS, NO CONTROL, NO ESCAPE, LOVE YOU TO DEATH, and an upcoming new series called The Edge) as well as a paranormal romance series that revolves around hot, tattooed, sword-wielding warriors and the women who make their lives interesting. It’s called The Sentinel Wars, and the fifth book, BLOOD HUNT, comes out in August, 2011.
SCR: Where would you most like to spend Summer if money wasn't an object?
At a craft retreat way away from interruptions, where all my friends could gather and do our crafty stuff and never have to go home. Of course, we’d insist on an unlimited budget at a craft store and a fully stocked coffee bar. I have standards.

SCR: How big a role does the romance in your books play?
The romance plays a huge role in all my books. A lot of other things are going on, especially in my paranormal series, but those other things are mostly build-up for future romances in other books.

SCR: How do you think your characters would react to being placed on a deserted tropical island?
Depends on the character. Most of them would find a way to survive and make the most of it while they got into all kinds of trouble, ‘cause that’s what heroes do.
SCR: Do you have a favourite Summer food?
Home grown tomatoes. Definitely.

SCR: What is a favourite Summer memory?
Technically, it happened more than once, but my siblings and I would spend all day at the swimming pool, playing and having a good time, only to come home and literally fall asleep in our dinners.

SCR: Do you think your writing is any different in the Summer?
My writing slows down in the summer, because we tend to travel a lot to conventions, and I find it easier to write when the sun isn’t glaring at me.
SCR: What song would you pick as your Summer anthem?
No clue. There are too many to choose from, and I’m way too fickle to have only one.

SCR: Who would you rather spend Summer in the south of France with - George Clooney or Brad Pitt?
Neither. I’d never cheat on Hugh Jackman like that.

SCR: Which would you prefer – watching a sunset with your partner or dinner with your friends?
Sunset, I guess, though I’m not much of an outdoorsy type, so we’d probably be watching the sunset in the background of some cheesy sci-fi movie. That’s the way we roll.

SCR: Do you think romance is better in Summer?
Only during thunderstorms.

Thank you so much for answering my questions.

 You’re welcome! It was fun!

For more info on Shannon and her books checkout her website & facebook.

Book 4 in her The Sentinel Wars, BLOOD HUNT, is released August 2011.

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  1. Love the hot men on your covers!

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. Oh, these books look like a blast! I'll have to check them out. Wait - I thought I was Hugh Jackman's one true love!

  3. Yummy looking covers indeed. I really like that the question of how much does romance play a roll in the book- I am a huge romance fan and so I want to read a lot of it!!=)

    Hands down Hugh Jackson so *high five*

    Sunsets are gorgeous. When I go hoking we leave before the sun rises and there is nothing more grand then watching a sunset 3,000 feet high!=)

  4. hahaha.... a thunderstorm. Makes me think of a certain Nicholas Sparks book. Hmm- what other novels take advantage of a good storm!? *Thinking* It does make a great setting for a night in!=) LOL!!

  5. What a fun post. Romantic suspense was the first romantic genre I read and it's still among my favorites. I look forward to reading your series.

  6. These books look soo good. Definitely going onto my TBR pile.

  7. Great interview! I love home grown tomatoes too. Yum!

  8. Loved this post and those covers...oh my those covers are just awesome!
    I can't wait to start this series. They are now in my wish list.