Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guest Post by Anna Hackett!

Release your Inhibitions

Did you know the average person has about 45,000 negative thoughts PER DAY? That’s a lot of negativity. A lot of telling ourselves we can’t do that, we can’t risk that, we’re no good at that and dwelling on negative consequences that will probably never happen.

Have you ever wanted to just throw caution to the wind? Ever dreamed about what life would be like if you didn’t have that little voice telling you that you can’t? To be one of those wild people who leap and don’t worry about looking?

I think we all know one of those people. They are full of life, a little wilder and much more exciting. Mara in MIND RAIDER is just like that. It’s probably part personality, part because she’s a redhead and a lot because of what life has thrown at her.

There are times we all wish we could release our inhibitions, not worry about consequences and just dive into life. Sometimes we can let fear drive us to never step outside our comfort zone and take a risk.

There are a few easy ways to get a bit of increased confidence and to release just one or two inhibitions:

  • Dress sharp – put on that favorite shirt or killer pair of jeans you know you look fab in
  • Walk faster – studies show that people with a quicker stride feel more confident
  • Contribute to the conversation – find at least one small way to contribute to every conversation
  • Take a compliment with a smile – don’t be shy or self-deprecating, just smile

Maybe we can’t all be tough, over-confident mind raiders, but we can all take a risk or two.

Good luck taking a leap!


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