Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: Flesh by Kylie Scott

Title: Flesh (Flesh book 1) 
Author: Kylie Scott
Age Group: Erotic post-apocalyptic Romace
Release Date: 1st October 2012
Publishers: Momentum Books
Available from: Amazon

Source: Momentum Books

Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago.
When the plague hit, her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.

Daniel has been a loner his entire life. Then the world empties and he realises that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything it takes to protect the survivors around him.

When the three cross paths they band together; sparks fly, romance blooms in the wasteland and Ali, Daniel and Finn bend to their very human needs in the ruins of civilisation.

Lust, love and trust all come under fire in Flesh as the three battle to survive, hunted through the suburban wastelands.


Flesh is book one in Kylie Scott’s Flesh series about a world that has been destroyed by a plague that turns its victims into zombies. I’m a big zombie fan, so when I heard Flesh was about a zombie apocalypse, and two seriously hot dudes vying for Ali’s heart I knew I was sold. 

Ali has been hiding out in her neighbour’s attic, trying to keep her rabbity heart calm so she doesn’t get eaten. On a supply run she meets Daniel, all and built with gorgeous blue eyes. He thinks all his dreams have come true when he finds Ali. Immediately his inner alpha is out and wanting to protect the beautiful girl with grey eyes.  Of course Ali’s not too keen on this interloper, a man who is physically imposing but who helps her realise staying in one spot is not the brightest of ideas. They set off together hoping to find their own piece of safety. Daniel falls for Ali pretty quickly, but she takes a bit of convincing. Their relationship progresses pretty quickly, and some people may not think it’s convincing, but I enjoyed how Kylie makes their relationship evolve. Together they steam up the pages.

Ali’s a lucky chick to have such a hot guy watching out for her, but then along comes Finn; a blonde haired, green eyed, buff ex-cop. He doesn’t thing Daniel is the right man to look out for Ali, he’s got the skills to keep her safe, but realises her and Daniel have formed a solid relationship. He joins their party, and between the two of them they are more than capable to keep Ali safe. That’s when things get interesting. Daniel comes to the realisation that he isn’t the best man to keep his love safe, so he tries to convince Ali she needs Finn, in more ways than she thinks. She’s not too receptive at first but she begins to realise she also has feelings for Finn. What’s a girl to do? Have them both, that’s what. It might seem ridiculous but Kylie makes it work. No-one knows how they’d act in an apocalypse and I like how this new world is explored. Finn is more controlling and a take action type, where Daniel is laid back and the voice of reason in their trio. If you thought it was steamy before, wait until the three of them are together! It’s enough to curl your toes and set the pages alight! The worst thing about this book was trying to decide if I liked Finn or Daniel more!

The zombies are never far from the story, which I enjoyed. Ali describes how they moan in the night, making sure our heroine and heroes never forget their presence. She also describes their decaying bodies with such effect it brings to mind the zombies on the Walking Dead. They are sufficiently gory. Sometimes the story can be pushed back so the romance and sex scenes can take over, now I’m not saying I don’t like those things, but I need a story too. I loved all the action and tale of survival in a world that’s gone to shit.

Flesh is an erotic, post-apocalyptic, addictive page turner. I devoured this book, I just couldn’t get enough of the world Kylie has created or the characters that inhabit the ruins. I was hiding out in the toilet at work just so I could squeeze in another page! Kylie Scott is my new favourite author.