Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cowboy Cocktail by Mia Hopkins

Cowboy Cocktail (Pandora's Box Stories)
Author: Mia Hopkins
Published: February 12th 2014

Reviewed by Leone

"Cowboy Cocktail" is what is lovingly called a "Quickie" in eBook terminology. However, what is contained in this 'quickie' is anything but fast. WARNING:- Take your time reading every single word or you will miss something.

This story is a tantalising slow seduction of the senses to the point where you will see and hear everything, feel every emotion and smell every scent as if you are in the same rooms as any of the characters.
Yes, you will feel as if you are a voyeur to everything. 

Your breath will hitch in anticipation of what's to happen, your cheeks will flush with excitement as you read about the tension building between the two main characters and then you'll either reach for the chocolates or a cigarette just before a certain scene drifts away into satisfied slumber.
There's nothing 'Quick' about 'it'.

You are drawn deep into the lives and thoughts of all the characters, whether they are in front of you or it's a character just mentioned to set a scene.
This well written and beautifully crafted sensual story WILL leave you wanting to know so much more!

As usual, I didn't give anything away about the story.
Never do, and never will because of not wanting to spoil your personal pleasure of reading. Just do yourself a huge favour and go buy this story.
You can find out more about Mia, her characters and her other stories right here at this link:-