Sunday, September 5, 2010

My confession

I have to confess my secret love of historical romances. If they have Scottish Lairds then all the better. Lately I have been devouring them with a voracious appetite. I just can't get enough! What is it about these books that has me considering selling off my siblings? Is it the feisty, strong, unconventional, progressive heroines or the arrogant, seemingly cold-hearted, alpha males? The scenery is always magnificently described, with imposing castles and lush highlands. The fashions of the time are stunning. Women wear dresses that make Gucci and Versace sound like your poor second cousin. They might comprise of several layers, but they somehow sound sexy and feminine. Men are dashing, with their waistcoats, vests, frockcoats and breeches. They take so much pride in their appearance, and I find it very appealing. Our hero is strong, virile, impossibly handsome, a rake (the immoral pleasure-seeking type, not the gardening tool) and has depths our heroine glimpses on occasion. Of course, our heroine is beautiful-in body and spirit-caring, smart, funny, and doesn't mind her own company.  Like all romances, together they're passionate, their love powerful, friends and bring out the best in each other. They go through hardships but come out of it even stronger. 
Then there's the arranged marriages, female's being seen as less than males, and the view of an unmarried woman being seen with a male somehow earns them the title of 'ruined'. An effect which even spreads to their families. These are the things I don't like about historical romances. Although the heroine is against many or all of these things. They're fighting to find their way in life without the constraints of their society. Both sexes are gossipmongers. Obviously the women more so than the men. They're petty, cruel and quite vicious in their taunts. Which gives the heroine a chance to exercise her own witty and cunning mind. It's great to see our heroine come out on top. It does take our hero some time to realize what an awesome woman he has. But it's so worth the wait when he does. Not that our heroine sets out to fall in love, it creeps up on her, and surprises them both quite well. I'm a sucker for a happily ever after. I mean who isn't? It gives me hope that there still is true love still out there. Finding, though is another matter.........

Do you have a secret genre? Or what is it about romances that you find so appealing? I won't tell I promise.


  1. The Karen Marie Moning Highlanders are a must read then!

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. If you love historical romance, here are a few EXCELLENT titles that really are must reads

    Forever Amber by Kathleen Windsor (the wealth of detail is astounding, it took the author ten years of research!)

    Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine
    Kingdom of Shadows by Barbara Erskine

  3. I've read Karen Marie Moning's Highlanders. That's what got me started! lol

    Thanks Mary Ann for the recommendations.

  4. Yes i agree with Mary Ann, Kingdom of Shadows was a brillent book as well as Child of the Phoenix by Barbara Erskine.