Tuesday, October 12, 2010

General Musings: Baptism by Fire - Lorraine

Lorraine and I have decided to create a section on the blog called General Musings. It's to showcase stuff we have written e.g poems or stories, pictures we've taken or whatever tickles our fancy. Our first General Musing is from Lorraine. She wrote a poem after reading Acheron, and it's fantastic. It can relate to many other books too. Hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Baptism by fire

The possession, the fire, the flames
He burned with his desire for her and hers for him.
No one had touched her, had reached her the way he did
Their hearts were one, their souls burned together
She never knew passion the way she knew it with him
Through time, through space he reached for her with a love he could not contain
She saw the darkness, saw the light forever staining his soul
But she alone could take it away.
He needed her with everything he possessed as she did for him.
They came together in violence so right, so strong, she could deny him nothing, fight him no longer, with everything pure she had she gave herself to him, forever, her strength, her light, her pain was forever his.
To know such beauty as their union was to know the beauty of life.
The only one for him, forever she would be, truth was all they had, all they wanted, all they would be.
Forever stretches a long time.

Life wasn’t meant to be without heart ache.
It is what we make it.
Try, just try to overcome. 

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