Thursday, August 19, 2010

I need help!

So I am getting closer to the big 100 followers, and I am having trouble with what I should do. Can anybody help me out? How do I make a button? What should be the limit on the prizes? I would appreciate any advice from those who have been through this already. 



  1. Congrats on being so close to 100! :) You can make a quick button in photobucket or picnik. I used those before I became acquainted with Adobe Photoshop. Also, there is no standard with prizes, it is up to you and what you would like to do and what you can afford! Have fun, and congrats, again!!

  2. I'm not a big help, since I'm only just hitting 200 followers, but a giveaway is common after so many followers. I think I'll be having one soon for my 200 followers. I try not to have the contest open longer than 2 weeks, unless its a huge one(which I never had yet, but seen elsewhere).

    I do have buttons, but not ones I actually like. I want a new one actually. I did mine on photoshop and then uploaded the photo on my image uploader. I looked up the html for linking it back to my page and posted that in a box under my photo.

    I'm probably not the best person to help you with this, but I gave it a try anyway! lol

    Good luck with everyone! I really enjoy visiting your blog!


  3. I recently made a button and this blog post was extremely helpful with the html coding (I found the link through Google...):

    After you've made a button, you upload the image to hosting site like photobucket or picasa (which I use). Make sure you can find the image/button url. Then, simply follow the instructions on that blog post above.

    I've never done a contest before so I can't really help there. Sorry! :(

  4. Thanks guys. You've been really helpful.

  5. We had swinka make our blog button, but another place we use is She's really nice, fast, and makes awesome work. You've prolly also seen her buttons on Book Chick City. All of BCC's buttons are made by her and the best part? Only $6. Totally worth it.

    The code for making your blog button or prize button have an iframe - I can give you, but I can't post it in this comment. :)

    I upload all my pics into flikr and grab all my links from them. I like how they have different size options.

    As for the actual giveaway. It's really up to you based on what you have, what you can afford and how big you want the contest to be. If you plan on making the contest bigger each time, I would start off with a smaller size gift. A book or two. Maybe a book and some swag. At PBD we do follower giveaways every two hundred and always five books. Some are usually signed or ARCs. Just what ever we have. The length is also up to you, but you'll get over half your entries in the first few days. Give extra entries if people share, that helps spread the word for you. We've had a couple of major giveaways and always base how long they will be by what we're doing in the following week. Though, usually we do about two weeks.

    Email me if you have any questions. :)
    kittn.paperbackdolls AT yahoo DOT com