Friday, November 26, 2010

Actors to play the characters - Jaz Parks

I know this gets done all the time, but I'd really love to see who everyone would like to play Jaz and her crew. 
Here's my picks.
(I'm not really sure who would play a good Jaz. I have yet to see a red headed actress who I could actually 'see' playing her.)
I think Isla Fisher has the right innocent look.

Yet, I think if Emma Stone were a few years older she could do a pretty good job. She kicked ass in Zombieland. I think she's gonna be huge.

I think Henry Cavill has the right sort of look, but he's just not quite there, but anyway he's hot.

I chose Charlie Hunnam, because well, just look at him! The boy is all kinds of HOT! I think he'd play Cole really well.

Simon Helberg, I think he has the nerdy look. But not exactly what I imagine.

I was thinking maybe Zoe Saldana

I was going to do Dave, Jaz's brother, as well but nobody really came to mind. 

Leave a comment on this post with you would like to see play Jaz & crew, to win a signed copy of Bitten in Two. If you haven't read the books, leave comment a comment with your favourite red headed actress, or who you would like to play your favourite female character from a book.


  1. Those are good choices. I think Emma Stone and Henry Cavill are perfect for Jaz and Vayl. I know he isn't blond but I think Zachary Levi from Chuck would be a good choice for Cole. The man is so loveable and such a cutie. Hmm maybe if he didn't have as much meet on his bones he could be Bergman.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. I haven't yet read the series. I have been reading this month's tribute posts, and after doing an online search for red-headed actresses, I agree with your suggestion of Isla Fisher. Maybe a good option would be to cast an unknown? (Email in profile.)

  3. I'm really bad at these but maybe Milla Jovovich?

  4. I love that photo you found of Isla Fisher! She looks sweet and innocent yet has some spunk!

    Though I haven't read this series yet I could picture Jaz played by Jennifer Garner (who could have a subtle reddish brown dye).

    I really like Rachelle Lefevre too. :-)

    Thanks for the giveaway and I agree, Henry Cavill should definitely play the hero, he's yummy and has that intense vibe! :-D

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com