Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My imaginary poker game.

Last night I played Texas Hold 'em with my brother, best friend and cousin. It was a shaky start as none of us knew how to play poker, but my friend and I had a vague understanding of Texas Hold 'em, thanks to our tour guide in Egypt. So out came my laptop and in into the search bar I typed 'How to play poker'. Now, did you know there are no websites that actually tell you how to play poker? They tell you how to bluff, how to read someones tell and how to make a game plan, but not once did they tell you how to play poker! So I typed in 'How to play Texas Hold 'em and ta da, there was a website on how to play Texas Hold 'em. Finally the game got started with a little tutorial to bring my cousin and brother up to speed. I can tell you I didn't win much. 

I love reading about the games Jaz Parks Granny May puts together. So anyway, now I'm going to tell you about my imaginary Texas Hold 'em game. 
Starring: Marilyn Monroe
Legolas Greenleaf (Orlando Bloom)
Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) and
Richard Dean Anderson

I'm a big Marilyn fan, so I know why she's there, not so much Legolas or Wolverine. I just plain love Richard Dean Anderson (RDA). Marilyn's first dealer, she shuffles the cards while flashing the guys a sultry smile. None of them stir. It's a tough crowd tonight. She deals out the cards and it's RDA to her left so he begins the bets. He slowly lifts his cards to take a peek then puts in 3 chips. Legolas is next, he doesn't even look at his cards and puts his 3 chips in. Wolverine has been watching all three closely. He stares hard at RDA, chewing on a cigar, then puts his chips in. So far, no-one has uttered a word. Marilyn has been looking from her cards to Legolas who sits directly across from her. There's a small sparkle in her eyes. She also adds her chips, burns the first card on the pile, then lays three others face up. A queen, a jack and a ten. Wolverine inhales on his cigar and blows smoke all over the table.  
"What's it gonna be, Rick?" he asks.
"Well, I'm thinking maybe four," he adds 4 chips to the pile. RDA has a pretty good hand.
Legolas calmly places the required four chips in the center. Wolverine blows more smoke and puts his chips in.
"I see your four, and raise you two." Marilyn says. RDA and Wolverine stare at her. She just smiles. Legolas smiles back and inclines his head to her.
"Okay then. I see your two." RDA adds two more chips to the pile. Legolas still hasn't looked at his cards, but puts more chips in. They're all looking at Wolverine now. He looks from his cards to the ones on the table, but places his chips in. Again Marilyn burns the top card and places the next one on the table. An ace. 
"Mr. Anderson, it's your bet." Marilyn says to him.
He adds another 3 chips to the pile. Legolas and Wolverine add the required amount. After a minute, so does Marilyn. Burns again, then places the final card on the table. A three..
"Last chips in gentlemen."
RDA immediately throws in two chips. The others follow. RDA tosses his cards on the table. "Three queens."
Legolas finally turns his cards. "A two and a ten."
Wolverine curses under his breath. "A four and a ten. Looks like you win Rick." Wolverine begins to shove the chips towards RDA.
"Not so fast gentlemen. I have a King and an ace. All in hearts. I do believe that means I have a Royal Flush."
RDA sits back and smiles, takes a sip of his scotch. "You had me going there."
"Well done, Miss. Monroe."
"I'm gonna find another table." With that Wolverine get's up and walks away. Then everything fades to black.
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  1. Hmmm....four peeps for a poker game... Okay; Cat, Bones, Tate and Vlad. And nope, they never actually made it to playing because Cat was too busy trying to keep the boys from killing each other and then Bones got fed up and dragged her upstairs for the sequel of CH32. LoL

    folksohana at gmail dot com

    I have a button and did a Cole vs. Vayl post too:

  2. I would have to say if I was having an imaginary game I would invite (because snark is my favorite type of trash talking):

    From a Book: Lestat
    From a Movie: Abby (aka J. Garofalo) from The Truth about Cats and Dogs
    Actor: Ryan Reynolds
    From TV: Judge Judy---she just seems like a hoot even though I don't watch her show

    (not entering) but that would be a fun game to sit down too :)

  3. I think I really need to read book 2 of Cat & Bones. Everyone keeps talking about ch32!

    Judge Judy would be awesome to play poker with. I think your poker game would be hilarious Felicia!

  4. ah... depends on the kind of poker. ;)

    Hugh as Wolverine is a mighty fine choice!

    But if I were to keep it literary I would go with Vayl, Bones, Curran, and Clay esp if it were the kind of strip poker- hint hint wink wink. Even playing field right- 2 vamps and 2 shifters =D

    On the other hand I would love to have a ladies night in I would invite: Marty (Dakota Cassidy), Gin (Jennifer Estep), Kate (Ilona Andrews), and Dulcie (HP Mallory).
    I think these ladies would be a toot to hang with!!


    Just to share the word... Come on peeps! Who doesnt want to win some J Rardin books!!

  6. :) Legolas Greenleaf playing poker, now there is something I would want to see.
    I´d go for Zarek (Kenyon), Zsadist (Ward), Curran (Andrews), Barrons (Moning) and maybe Gin (Estep) thrown in the mix for fun! I wouldn´t mind some strip poker as well! :)

  7. What fun! For this imaginary poker game, I’m choosing folks with special powers, which they will absolutely be prohibited from using during the game:
    Sterling Packard (Carolyn Crane’s Disillusionist Trilogy)
    Eric Northman (Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampires)
    Gin Blanco (Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassins)
    And really, because she definitely needs a night away from home more than anyone else: Anita Blake (Laurell K. Hamilton)
    Since Blake can’t stay in one place for very long, Ivy Tamwood (Kim Harrison’s Hollows Series) will be waiting to replace her.

  8. Okay, what fun! Dakota Cassidy, Sookie, Sam Elliott, and Johnny Depp. Wow would there be some sparks flying here

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  9. What a fun post! :-D

    At my imaginary poker game I would have Kitty Katt and Martini from Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch (though maybe his hotness would prove too distracting :-p lol) their bickering/sexual teasing would be highly entertaining :-D

    Then I would also love to have Carolyn Crane and Henry Cavill. Though with all the eye candy don't know how good I'd be able to play ;-p

    +1 left a comment on the Cole vs. Vayle post
    +5 have the badge on my blog:
    +1 left a comment at NRSVampire Chick's post

    Thanks for the fun post :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com