Friday, November 19, 2010

Guest Post with Steph from PaperCut Reviews

Her Spirit Will Live On
Hi Everyone! I want to Thank Amanda and Jo-Anne for putting together such a great tribute for the talented Jennifer Rardin. As you all may know she passed away in September and I and alot of her fans were completely surprised and utterly heart broken by this sad news. So I thought it would be nice to share my experience with this remarkable author. I met Jennifer last year  for the book signing of Bite Marks *Jaz Parks book 6*. It really does seem like this happened yesterday being so fresh in my memory mostly because it was my first book signing *Squee* and I was going to meet one of my favorite authors!!! Wow I was so happy, excited and extremely nervous *lol* when I realized I was going to meet the master mind behind Jaz Parks! So of course I practiced what I would say *ehem* "Hi Ms. Rardin my name is Steph and I'm such a huge fan!" LOL! Yeah I know so not original but I needed something easy to remember, lol! Okay with this in my mind I approached the Walden's books store and didn't see Jennifer yet anywhere so I thought "Sweet" I can go quickly buy Bite Marks and kinda prepare myself to meet her. Shortly when she arrives and I walk up to the signing table with my book in hand and I introduced myself.  We talked for a bit about the series and how amazing I think it is=) Then I asked if she wouldn't mind if I we could take a picture together and she put her arm around me and with a smile said "Of Course"! Let me tell you I was a truly a happy gal that day not only did I get a book I wanted signed but I met the author=) I will never forget my first book signing and I will never forget how sweet and down to earth Jennifer Rardin was and through her Jaz Parks series and experiences like this one she will continue to live on.  Thank you Jennifer for your stories and your kindness I will never forget you=)

Giveaway Info
Thanks for listening and if you have not read the any of the books in the Jaz Parks series please do give it a chance you will not be disappointed. With saying that I'm giving away one book in the Jaz Parks Series *your choice* and one book of your choice under $10 from the book depository to one lucky winner. So basically one winner will get two books=) All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which two books you would like to have *one book from Jaz Parks Series and one of your choice under $10* with your email address and tell me about your first experience meeting an author or getting a book signed. If you have not done either then tell me how you think this experience would be like and what author would you love to meet and get a book signed from. Giveaway ends November 30th=)

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Steph. I'm glad she got to be your first signing :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. Thanks for sharing. Meeting an author at a signing is always a great experience. My one and only experience was April of 2009, when one of the big conventions was in Orlando. Melissa Marr dragged Jeaniene Frost, Rachel Vincent, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and Mark Del Franco away for a night to the Borders right down the street. I drove the two hours home from college in the middle of exams, the week before my graduation. They answered questions for over an hour, and then signed books for another hours. And Rachel Vincent vaguely knew/remembered me because I had won a contest on her blog the week before. I had so much fun.

    I've read the first couple Jaz Parks books, but don't own them, so I'd love a copy of the first novel. And the other book I'd choose would be Alpha by Rachel Vincent. I really don't know why I haven't picked a copy up yet.

    Sara M
    sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

  3. Thanks for sharing! I haven't had a chance to meet her in a signing, but her Jaz Parks books are on my "to read" list. I would love to win a copy of the first novel and Misguided Angel by Melissa de la Cruz.


  4. I’ve been to several author signings. I’ll mention my favorite—one with my daughter, to meet children’s author/illustrator Jan Brett. The signing was at an independent children’s bookstore, and we waited in a long line of other kids and parents. Brett was so attentive to each child when it was his/her turn. My daughter was beaming after she’d finished. This was years ago; my daughter is grown now. She still has her autographed books, though.

    I’d love to read this series. If I win, I like Rardin’s first two Jaz books. Thanks. (Email in profile.)

  5. Living in a small town I don't get the opportunity to attend book signings but if I had only 1 I got to go to it would be Dakota Cassidy's. I can see her now with her feather boa & beauty queen crown holding court for all her admirers.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  6. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post at both blogs to win or just one but I also posted over at Amberkatze's Blog. I'll modify a different second Rarden book in case I get lucky and win. Part of this I posted there and thought maybe other followers & you would also like to read this here because I feel that :
    Jennifer is smiling down on you & everyone who is fan, old & new. This shared tribute really brings awareness of her books to a new level. I'm also a new fan of hers and you can read what I said over there about how I answered so I don't take up triple room here :)
    I have only been to 1 author signing in my whole life about 2 summers ago. So, I drove to southern Indiana, to a used book store named Don's Books. It was Awesome!! I've read at these posts about conventions & signings & how people bring their books to get signed. So I thought ok, I'll bring a handful and whatever gets signed, even if it's just 1, at least I have them because I can't get home and back before the signing day would end.
    Jade Lee, Lori Foster & Vicki Lewis Thompson were among several authors there but they were the reasons for me to drive 2 hours away, to an area I've never been, to meet these authors. I was the happiest camper ever. They were great to meet and very kind. They read parts of their stories or ideas behind their books. It was just one of those few best moments in my routine life ;) I would never had guessed they would have been so genuin & gracious. I luv all 3 of them but Jade Lee was my absolute favorite. She not only signed every single one of my Tigress series & Dragon's books that I brought but she also signed my Crimson City book too. And when she saw my book bible list and saw that I had all of her other ones too, she gave me sticky sheets of 16 autographs so that I can stick those to my other books at home. I told her I didn't want to be greedy asking for 18 books at that time, to get signed. We laughed & talked for a really long time. She gave me one of her Tigress shirts & a few signed books that were due to release a few wks later.
    I'd love to win these books. If I had a choice of a second book, I'd pick One More Bite to go along with Bitten In Two. Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day & upcoming holidays. I'm a GFC & Email folower.

  7. Thanks for sharing Steph, that is so awesome that you got to meet her and she was your first signing experience.

    I've only been to one signing but it was a pretty big one, RWA in Orlando. And I got to meet my favorite author, Jeaniene Frost. I think I had about the same line memorized in my head too because I was so nervous but once I got up to her I forgot everything and started blabbering and probably sounded like the nerdiest fan girl ever. But she was so sweet and it was so cool, I can't wait to go to another signing.

    folksohana at gmail dot com

  8. Thank you for sharing your story Steph! I'm glad meeting one of your favourite authors was such an amazing experience and that Jennifer was so kind and friendly in person. Great that you got yourself a photo too and I love her writing! It looks so unqiue and calligraphic! :-)

    I haven't met any of my favourite authors in person yet (the slight logistic problem of living in Europe when most of my favourite authors live in the US), but I had a great surprise on how I got one of my favourite books signed: after all the praise I saw of Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch on the blogosphere and since I was intrigued by the fantastic cover (and a bit anxious as I have never read a sci-fi before), I approached Gini and wrote to her. I asked her if she would like me to review her book on my blog and she was more than kind and friendly! She sent me a whole little package with a signed and personalized copy of the book, post cards and fridge magnets! I was so touched and happy when I got her package. Especially since then now that I have read TBAA it has become one of my alltime favourite books, so I really cherish this signed copy :-) And also I was amazed at the kindness of a "big important author" and how approachable she was. :-)

    I would like to choose the first 2 books in the Jaz Parks series, after hearing how much you LOVE this series, I would like to discover it myself :-)

    Thank you again for sharing Steph :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com