Sunday, April 10, 2011

Character Interview: Holly & Ellen - My Superhero Sister + Giveaway

An interview with: Holly and Ellen Hamilton of MY SUPERHERO SISTER!

TLT: Welcome, girls! And thank you for doing this interview!

Ellen: No problemo! I’m happy to take time out of my daily patrol to help you.

Holly: And I’m always glad to get out of English Class

TLT: Ellen: What is your favorite superpower?

Ellen: Oh, golly. There’s so many I like, but I guess I like my Expando-Breath. It really comes in handy at times, like if I have to get Holly somewhere in a hurry.

TLT: What about you, Holly? If you were super, what would your favorite power be?

Holly: Flying, definitely. People tell me my head’s always in the clouds anyway

TLT: What sort of person are you? Day or Night?

Ellen: That’s tough. I guess night. Flying up among the stars basking in the glow of the moon is really cool.
Holly: I’m day. That’s when I do my best experiments in Prof Kane’s basement!

TLT: Favorite Movie:
Ellen: Wow – any of the X-Men movies. They are supremely cool – and Wolverine is HOT!
Holly: I like The Dark Knight, but I’m also fond of My Super EX-girlfriend – especially since it was your inspiration for writing about us, LOL

TLT: what is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
Ellen: Wow – that I do have a hard time with history. It’s not my favorite subject.
Holly: That I really prefer being mortal – honest! Even though I have a super-sister, a super-dad, and now a super-boyfriend, I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

TLT: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Ellen: Fly straight through a dam. I couldn’t stop in time. Boy, was I soaked!
Holly: Actually study for an English exam

TLT: if someone could describe you in one word, what would it be:

Ellen: that’s easy – SUPER
Holly: Normal Of course, that’s a relative term

Thanks for letting me interview you, girls!

Ellen: Thank you!
Holly: Yeah, and we hope people will want to read more about us in MY SUPERHERO SISTER! Thanks so much for having us!

Holly Hamilton has always been perturbed by the way her older sister, Ellen, seems to get everything.  It's especially tough living in the shadow of your sister's cape when she's a super heroine named Suprema!

With one super-parent and one not, it was inevitable that the girls would turn out different.  Unfortunately for Holly, she takes after her earthling mother. Ellen has taken over their retired father’s role as Century City's reigning superhero, balancing school and super-duties with remarkable ease while it’s a struggle for Holly to get through her English class without mishap, not to mention those Cheer Squad tryouts!
The girls learn their father’s old nemeses, Anti-Hero, has escaped from his Space Prison, and they’re concerned – Anti-Hero nullified their father’s powers once – what else does he have in store for him and Suprema?  When another teen superhero extraordinaire appears on the scene, they’re even more puzzled.  Who is Magna Boy? Is he friend or foe?  And does he have a connection to Anti-Hero?   The appearance of two  new guys at school, teen heartthrob Tad Barker and nerd Ed McGee, set Holly and her sister to wondering—and arguing—could one of them be the new super kid on the block?  If so, which one?
Working with her friend Mona and her scientist uncle, Holly finally uncovers Anti-Hero’s dastardly plot – he intends to capture Suprema and Magna Boy and siphon their powers for himself!   Before she can warn her sibling, however, Anti-Hero strikes and captures the superheroes.  Now it’s up to Holly to use her ingenuity and prove to everyone, but most of all herself, that you don’t’ have to be a superhero for good to win out over evil…or to nab a super-boyfriend, either!

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  1. Hahaha, sounds great!!

    Fave superhero??? Wonder Woman, I LURVED her bullet deflecting bracelets and groovy headband and I think she has a whip too!!!

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