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Review: Blood Moons by Alianne Donnelly

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They say no good deed ever goes unpunished, a sentiment Dara understands fully now that she is paying for a crime she didn't commit. It was stupid to call in a murder she didn't really see. But how could Dara have kept silent? Now a stunning -- scratch that, a dangerous -- man with a frightening secret of his own is telling her he can help. Yeah, right. A telepath knows better than to trust mere words.

The last decade of Tristan's life has been penance. All that time spent among the worst dregs of society might have made him begin to question his humanity, but he’s never felt so much like an animal as he does around this timid, delicate female. Her very presence stirs the beast within him; Tristan can feel it growing stronger every day. Any more time with Dara, and it might overpower him completely. But without her, he stands no chance at all...


Dara Frost tried to stop a murderer by calling the police after ’dreaming’ the incident. Instead Dara has been sentenced to New Alaska, a maximum security prison planet. There she chooses wolf block, where the most dangerous of criminals are kept. For some reason it calls to her. There, she has to share a cell with Tristan Hunt, a big, scary, sexy alpha male. Dara finds him very attractive and struggles to keep her eyes off him. Tristan fights his baser urges and does his best not to get closer to her. Although a little afraid of Hunt, Dara feels safe with him. Hunt is trying to serve his time and has as little interaction with others as he possibly can. Dara’s arrival awakens a deep protectiveness in him. At first he is irritated with her presence and his reactions to her. To Dara’s surprise, Hunt takes her under his heavily muscled protection.

Both Dara and Tristan are telepaths and it adds an interesting aspect to their connection. Dara is a bit of a loner and considers herself broken. Tristan teaches her to harness her telepathy and this is how they form a unique bond. Although they both know a relationship of any kind between them is ridiculous under the circumstances, they can’t fight the pull they feel towards each other. I really enjoyed how their relationship starts out. Hunt is yummy, and I’d love to get my hands on him. He struggles with feelings she awakens in him, especially a stupid, fierce need to keep her beside him at all times. Dara feels he is just using her, and is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Tristan has undergone genetic experiments, which are playing havoc with his mind and body. His protective streak borders on obsessive, and when he begins changing her fights the feeling of wanting Dara close but also wanting to push her away for fear of hurting her. Dara is fascinated by his change and wants to help him in any way she can. When Dara heads back to Earth to help stop the true murderer, Tristan is beside himself with worry and fear. He tracks her down but the murderer catches up with Dara and kidnaps her. Tristan will stop at nothing to get her back. He utilizes all his new abilities to get her back.

Blood Moons is a sci-fi romance, with a little paranormal thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the settings the author created, but I did find the futuristic aspects a little vague. It may just be the sci-fi nerd in me, but I found the closeness of some descriptions of items etc too close to what we have today, and it just didn’t ring true with the time era that was created. I could picture the entire story, with the vagueness letting my mind run wild with imaginings. Dara and Tristan seem so unlikely a couple but they work in the end. There wasn’t much, if any that I found annoying in either character. I just love Tristan! Lol. Blood Moons nearly kept me up past my bedtime, and if I didn’t have to work the next day I think I would have stayed up all night reading. It’s a sexy, exciting and intriguing read. Pick it up if you’re a fan of Rhyannon Byrd’s Primal Instincts or Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound.
I give it 4/5. 
I received this ebook from the author.

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  1. I do have this thing about broken, problematic heroes.. especially if they're yummy! :P LOL