Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 10 - Guest post by Tracey O'Hara

Since this is Strange Candy’s first anniversary I was asked to talk about one of my big firsts. Now I could think of many first things. My “first” time, which was totally forgettable. My first love who I married, who also fathered of my first child (and my second). Or I could talk about my first book, or my first cover, of my first release.

Instead I decided to talk about another “first” I embarked on this year with my husband, we bought our first house.

Now I never knew how time consuming and stressful it is, but it’s also a bit like getting a book published in a way. First there is the idea, then the research, the plotting, the planning, the making it happen and finally the payoff when you have finished and move into the new house.

For years my family has been living in a rented house unsuitable for our needs and our size. I commandeered one of the bedrooms for my office so my adult sons had to share a room which also acted as their games room. I didn’t realise how cramped we had been living until we move into a place where everyone gets a room and there is room left over to set up my office and the boys games room.

So my big first this year is my first house.

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  1. That is a great first Tracey,
    bet you're glad that 'first' is all over and done with now though! =))
    Wonder how many other 'firsts' you'll have - first NYT best seller!???

  2. Thanks Mel - that would be nice - but no where near big enough for that :)

  3. Oh, to have my own room... that'd be fantastic! LOL I hope I can have my own house pretty soon, too. But it seems a bit far away at the moment... :P
    Thanks for sharing! ;)

    kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

  4. What a great first story Tracey. I definitely know what it's like living in a small house with too many people. It's great when everyone is able to get their own rooms. Always seems like less fighting that way.

  5. Karla - there is something to be said for your own room. Nothing beats it :). I hope you get yours soon.

  6. Danielle - living in a house that is too small can make for cranky people. The tension you don't even realise is there until it's not. Space is important for one's sanity I think.

  7. thats a great story its always good to own your own place specially if it gives you more room for your family. i wish to own one day opposed to renting and trying to get a landlord to answer our requests on fixing things. it would be a dream come true

  8. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful "first" memory with us! I hope to have my own house someday within the next few years, I plan on finishing my university degree first (and save up A LOT). Your work is amazing and I cannot wait to read your next novel!