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Interview with Nicola E. Sheridan

For those who haven’t heard about your book, can you tell us a bit about it?
Magical Gains” is my debut novel, and was released in March this year through Eternal Press. It’s a paranormal romance between a woman and a Genie.
Basically, it’s set in an alternate version of our world, where all Magical and Mythological Beings are real, and merely considered to be minority groups. To keep things running smoothly, the government has developed departments to help assimilate Magical Beings into everyday life. To do this they created “Magical Gains Tax” – to stop Magical Beings and humans making illegal financial advancements through magical means. This means that when my rather repressed heroine finds herself the mistress of a gorgeous Genie, she’s completely unwilling to take his wishes. Then all the fun and games start!

How did the idea for your story originate?
Well, a few years back there was a television advertisement for chocolate biscuits. In it there was a woman who appears to be the mistress of an attractive Genie – but all she wants is a packet of biscuits that never ends... I wouldn’t have wished for biscuits if he were my Genie... Anyway, it got me thinking that if the magic was real, the Government would definitely tax it – after all it tax’s just about everything else! That’s when the Magical Gains Tax was born, and subsequently Primrose and Imran’s story. You can check it out here:

Have you always wanted to write?
Yes. I can remember writing elaborate stories from quite a young age. Then at high school I used to write fantasy stories for my friends to read. I absolutely thrived on their enthusiasm and the stories got wilder and more ridiculous from it. It was then I knew I eventually wanted to be a published author.

Why did you choose paranormal romance as your genre?
I loved fantasy as a kid, and as an older teen I adored Anne Rice’s vampires, but I just wanted more romance in the stories. Then I discovered Laurell K Hamilton and although I don’t read her new stuff, her early Anita Blake’s were great for romance and sexual tension. So after a writing a tweenie fantasy, and failing to complete a manuscript about an Incubus, I saw the advert mentioned above and I was inspired to write about Genies and wrote “Magical Gains”, “Magical Creations” and my current WIP “Magical Redemption”.

Does your writing schedule ever affect your family routine?
I seriously try to not let it – but at times it seriously does. Generally when I’m writing, I try do it now when no one is home or at night. On school holidays however, it poses a problem and I’m currently behind in my writing because I feel constantly guilty about not spending time with the kids and my husband! Writing can be hard mistress!

Did you do any research for you book? Was there anything interesting you discovered?
I do research for my books, particularly locations and magical/mythological beings. I always try to use locations I’ve personally been to. So generally, I’ve prowled all the places mentioned in the books, making sure the colour of the street lamps is correct etc. With regards to the mythological beings, my favourite new discovery is the Chupacabra, a “modern” mythological beast/ cryptid. I’m sure it’s fairly common knowledge in America/South America, but most people here haven’t heard of them. I love stuff like that!

What inspires you to write?
Almost anything! For the Genie series, it was initially that TV advert and my intrigue about how our world would work if magical beings were real. Where would a Manticore live? Who would employ a Harpy? Those kinds of questions amuse and inspire me. After I finish with Genies, I have an idea for another book that’s been inspired by my very weird cat.

Do you write for yourself or for readers?
I write for myself. I write about things that interest me, but living in the hope they might interest and titillate other people. If they don’t...well, at least I’ve had great fun writing it anyway!

How exciting is it to have your book published?
It is exciting, but daunting. It’s moved writing out of my private sphere into a very public one, and for a while I didn’t know how to deal with that. I have always written and entertained myself with stories. Suddenly when I got my first contract I started feeling like I had to write, instead of wanted to write. It very nearly crippled my writing all together! I was only when I resolved myself to write what I wanted, when I wanted that the words flew again. I don’t want writing to ever be a job, I want it to be what it always has been, a fun enjoyable thing that I do whenever I can make time.

Is your book part of a series or stand alone? How many books will there be if it’s a series?
Magical Gains” is one of a three part series. The second in the series is “Magical Creations” which is due for release on the 7th of October. “Magical Creations” is based on the sub-character of Omar from “Magical Gains,” so if you thought he’d been left in a rut you can find out how he gets his HEA! I am currently working on the third and final in the series is “Magical Redemption”, based on the sub-character of Lucian, from “Magical Creations”.

Do you try to reach a quota everyday? How do you meet it?
Nope. No daily quota’s here. That would make it too structured and rigid for me. Nothing scuttles my creative drive than having to write something. So, I write whenever I can find a spare moment, or if I’m particularly inspired will ask my husband to wrangle children and leave me alone whilst I pump out as many words as I can. It’s really shamelessly disorganised I know, but still it’s amazing how much you can get done!

Was there any inspiration from actors/models for your characters?
Not initially, however when I spotted the Turkish actor/model Burak Ozcivit - oh my! He is my ideal Imran for sure. Google him, it’s well worth your time!

Thanks Jo-Anne!
*sigh* Isn't he gorgeous?

You can find out more about Nicola by visiting her website.


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