Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 7 - Guest Post by Marianne de Pierres

My First Story Proofs

If I had to pick one of the highlights from my life, one would be the day I got my first set of proofs. These were for a children’s chapter book I published years ago, called Dylan’s Magic Cards. And funnily enough it wasn’t seeing my story typeset that was the exciting thing, it was the internal illustrations and cover rough that made it so memorable. For me, nothing beats seeing how a story you’ve written is interpreted by an artist (whether it be an animator, videographer, film maker, painter or whoever). The sight of those pictures in Dylan’s Magic Cards was worth a million dollars to me – and more. Someone had breathed another kind of life into my words.

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  1. Marianne--If you're a visual person, that would make all the difference! Thanks for sharing your memory with us.

  2. It must be a great feeling to see something you created in print. :))

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  3. It must be awesome to see your own work in print. Congratulations.

  4. HI Guys,

    thanks for your comments.

  5. Congratulations :) can imagine how happy you were !

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  6. congratulations its must be amazing seeing something you created in print. it gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment i bet your way proud


  7. Congratulations hon! Thank you for sharing such a memorable experience!


  8. Thanks you all, it's a cute cover isn't it. And the story is based around my kids.:)

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