Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boys of Twilight

I thought it would be a good idea with the release of Eclipse so close, that I should celebrate the hotness of the boys of Twilight.

What do you think? and who's your favorite?
(I'm happy Taylor is 18 now, I don't feel so bad about ogling him. lol)


  1. Yummy! That's a good photo of Jasper :)

  2. Amen to Jacob's legal age!=)

    I must admit that I am a big Book Edward fan but not- so- much Rob fan. As Edward he is HOT!! but not as himself! (dont stone me to death Rob fans).

    Kellan. Hubahuba bangbang!!=) The other Cullen Men or on my radar as well.

    However, icksney on Mike and Riley! LOL!

  3. Nice photos. :)

    Taylor/Jacob is my favorite.

  4. I will say that I liked Emmett since the first movie and well, in this photo he's too damn HOT! =D
    (But I don't like his ears... ¬¬)