Monday, June 14, 2010

Dead Men's Dust by Matt Hilton

'Some may call me a vigilante. I think I've just got problems to fix.'

Right now, Hunter's big problem is a missing little brother, last seen fleeing the site of a gruesome killing. Hunter needs the help of an old army buddy, a whole lot of hardware and a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, to fix this particular problem. A brutal encounter with some very nasty criminals leaves Hunter fighting for his life. And that's before he comes up against America's most feared serial killer, 'The Harvestman' and his grisly souvenirs of death.

But blood is thicker than water. And a lot of blood will be spilt . . .


Dead Men’s Dust is about Joe Hunter. He’s an ex-military man who fixes problems.
Right now he’s helping his little brother’s ex-wife, Jennifer. Even though his brother is gone, his problems aren’t. Jennifer’s got loan sharks breathing down her neck, so Joe beats them off. She needs more than that though. Her ex-husbands new girlfriend sent her a letter. Her ex, John Telfer, has gone missing. Jennifer wants Joe to find him. 

Joe heads off from England, to America to find John. He enlists the help of his friend Rink. They find John is in deep trouble and they have to help him out of it. Small town gangsters, the CIA, and America’s most feared serial killer, ‘The Harvestman’, are all somehow tied in with John’s disappearance.

Dead Men’s Dust is a rocket of a ride. It’s action from start to finish, with Joe and Rink dishing out pain. Joe is a great character, who, even though he has killed many men, still has a conscience. He find’s no joy in it, but will always do what’s right. I really enjoyed the banter between Joe and Rink. Rink had some great line’s, even if they were in a sticky situation. Rink is a great secondary character. He’s Joe’s best friend, and sometimes voices things Joe doesn’t necessarily want to hear, or to voice himself. The Harvestman is a scary mofo. He’s a character that can make you quake in your boots, or sleep with the light on. His ‘memento’s’ are grisly and gross. This was a definite page turner for me, and I hated to put it down. I love the feeling that a book is going to drag me in and not let go until I’m done, then keep me hanging out for more even after I’ve read the last sentence. Dead Men’s Dust really delivers on the kills, thrills and spills. So if you want a rockin’ ride, this is the book for you.

I give it 4 out 5 spiders 


  1. Hey, Jo-Anne, a random google of my book title brought me here to your blog. I'd just like to say thanks for the brilliant review of Dead Men's Dust and am very glad that you enjoyed it so much. Hope you like the other Joe Hunter books in the series, too.
    very best wishes
    Matt Hilton