Friday, June 18, 2010

The Splendour Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore

SYLVIE is broken.
Her father's death broke her heart.
Her mother's remarriage broke her spirit.
And a broken leg ended her career
as a ballerina. She's lost so much...
is she losing her mind as well?

SHAWN is the resident golden boy,
the one everyone thinks Sylvie should
be with, the obvious choice.

RHYS is handsome and mysterious
and has a hold on Sylvie she doesn't
quite understand.


A heroine who will steal your heart,
A house that will haunt you.
A love story that will leave you breathless.


On the cover of the book there is a sentence 'Can love last beyond the grave?', and that's what immediately had me hooked. The cover is beautiful, and the blurb just pulled me in tighter.
Sylvie was the youngest Prima ballerina in her Company. Then she broke her leg, got a bit too wasted at her mother's wedding and was then shipped off to Alabama to stay with a cousin she had never met. 
The story was slow to start, but still interesting. Even though she was a Prima ballerina she doesn't exactly act like it. I never found her annoying or stuck up. She has a pretty sharp wit, and can give as good as she gets.
Although she did come off as a little cold to begin with, then her story progresses. 
I found that I liked her from the beginning. Her dog Gigi is her best friend and very entertaining.
Clement-Moore brought the scenery to life and it felt like I was actually there. Her descriptions are vivid but never over the top. I stayed up until 1:15 am finishing this book as I just could not put it down. The second half of the book kept me glued to the pages. 
Sylvie gets to choose between the All American boy, Shawn, and the mysterious visitor, Rhys. Both boys have ticks next to them, and you get to like them both. But Sylvie is drawn to Rhys, and she doesn't know why. I really enjoyed the interaction between and the guys, but I was someone also rooting for Rhys. Shawn had an ulterior motive, and it affected his relationship with Sylvie. 
All in all the characters in this book are brilliant, the setting beautiful, and the plot immensely intriguing. It is a paranormal tale but without the vampires, werewolves etc, and I have to say I'm glad. It was very refreshing. 
This whole book is haunting and will leave you wanting more. I know I do.

I give it 5 out of 5 roses.


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