Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: Deadly Fetishes by Kayden McLeod

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Kelly needs to get herself a fetish. A newly-converted vampire, she’s quiet, conservative, and prone to panic attacks. When her friend drags her to a vampire fetish club, she meets Marcus, a walking manual on sexual pleasure. Marcus is captivating and dangerous and knows exactly what he wants. With a single-minded purpose, he scoops Kelly up from her abnormal, disillusioned life and shows her the pleasures of immortality. His obsession with her body knows no limits, and her desire only burns hotter every time he touches her. She drives him insane with the blinding need to hear her scream his name with absolute abandon. Marcus shows her the true world of vampires, which is more magical than Kelly had ever dreamed.

Deadly Fetishes by Kayden McLeod is one dirty, smutty read. I loved it. Kelly and her best friend Sara are in Vancouver to escape horrors they both endured in their small country town. Kelly is quite shy and introverted and also a newly made vampire, while Sara is the extroverted one, and Kelly‘s maker. They’re a fetish club looking for an easy meal, when Kelly meets Marcus. He’s all alpha male vampire and knows more about sex than Kelly could dream. 

There is, of course, plenty of sex, but also an intriguing storyline with a nasty vampire from the girls past hell bent on taking them back. Deadly fetishes is full of sexy vampires who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go and get it. The two heroine’s are strong in their own rights, each playing off the others weaknesses. The host of other characters help carry the story, with a few other males I can’t wait to read more about. The story line kept me glued to my laptop, reading as quickly as I could to find out what happened next. If you wThant a fast, sexy, thrilling read then I suggest you grab Deadly Fetishes. It did not disappoint. I give it 3.75/5
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  1. Smutty reads are a must have!=) And this one sounds just that!

    Excellent review!

  2. Love this review, I love books like this. I just added it to my wish list...I must have!

  3. Oh, my.. that sounds exciting! O.O LOL