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Summer Lovin - Guest Post by Kayden McLeod & giveaway.

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for having me here! It’s a pleasure.
My name is Kayden McLeod. I’m a paranormal author of various flavours; romance, erotica, science fiction and horror. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, where a majority of my books are placed. My most recent novels are the last two in the Cornwall Coven Trilogy, Carnal Magnetism that was just released January 15th 2011, and Demonic Pandemonium, due to be released January 29th 2011

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It’s January, and where I live is cold and either raining or snowing for a long time yet. I wish for the warmth of the sun on my face, or the Pacific Ocean breeze to float past me, and not feel like I am covered in icicles.
Fortunately, even during in the wintry weather, I can still write about the summer season. Vampires love summer! Well, mine do.
The Cornwall Coven is quite content to be out and about during the summer. They have barbeques and days at the beach…when they’re not hunting or being hunted by Rogues out to destroy their lives.
Here is an excerpt about some of the members in the Cornwall Coven Trilogy, having fun in the sun at an amusement park in Vancouver, Playland:

From: The Cornwall Coven, Book Three, Demonic Pandemonium
To be released January 29th from Silver Publishing
So, Pandora, how’d you meet Kev?” Kelly asked in a way that sent up an immediate red flag.
He spilled coffee on my arm.”
Not two seconds later, Marcus laughed, smacking Kev on the shoulder.
And you’re worried I would offend her? I haven’t scalded her,” Marcus needled. Kev just smirked in my general direction when I turned to look at him.
He’s just clumsy,” I defended.
That’s the funny part. Kevlar is the least clumsy person I know,” Kelly emphasised with her brow furrowed.
Kev gently pulled on my hair, and I turned to see him smiling down at me, the sunlight making his blue eyes shine. Staring at his lips, I speculated again what he would taste like. I loved the masculine way he smelled.
Massive, colourful stuffed-animals stood like sentry walls on either side of us, a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic tunnel that stretched ahead of us under a long overhang.
Oh! I love this.” Kelly turned abruptly to walk up to a game. With this one, well over a hundred balloons stuck to a sheet of particleboard, and you threw darts at them to win. When she paid the man for five darts, the men groaned. It was obviously not a favourite past time for them.
This is so easy, it’s almost unfair.” Matthew laughed.
Yes, it is.” Marcus sighed.
Have you ever played this game?” Kev’s hand pressed on my back, as he stood closer.
Of course, have you?” I countered, and tried not to stutter when he leaned into me.
You have to slow your heart-rate down. It’s jumping all over the place.”
You can hear that?”
I have exceptional hearing,” Kev said. “So, are you any good at this game? I have played it a lot, which, by the way, I always win.”
Always?” I rolled my eyes at the obvious maleness of this moment.
Marcus snickered behind us. When his hand flicked, he threw a perfect arc that popped the balloon in a sudden burst. He made it look too easy.
Oh, yes,” Kev purred with self-satisfaction. For some obscure reason, I liked the sound of it. The overconfidence that drove me nuts in others intrigued me in him. “Always.”
I even felt amused, and possibly even, a tiny bit challenged. Not to outdo him really—oh no, I already knew I could do that. I wasn’t a girl who needed to prove herself. Just to screw with him.
Then throw, Kev. Let’s watch you win.” I stepped well inside of his personal space.
Yet the closer I got, the more pronounced his effect on me became. I’d stopped, inadvertently allowing my breast to brush his arm. But I didn’t take much notice of it. My attention was all for him.
Do you really believe that, Kevlar?” I asked in a breathy voice just as his arm snapped back. His eyes widened dramatically, and I knew before he’d even finished the movement that it would’ve been a perfect throw. Had I not interfered.
The dart left his finger…
And he missed. It was nice to know the relentless attraction went both ways, and not just on my side.
Marcus stared at the misplaced dart and then back at me, absolutely stupefied. I believed if he continued for long, his face would stay like that permanently.
I missed,” Kev said, appalled with himself.
And it was freakin’ awesome!
Kelly laughed again, a light tinkling of sound, pleasant to the ears; a purity not heard often outside of small, not-yet-jaded, children.
It would certainly appear so.” Marcus’s expression became unreadable. The way he watched me was indescribable, like he had just realized something huge about me. And I had no idea what it was.
Oh, big deal,” Kelly muttered to him. “So she’s hard to read. Some people are just like that.”
I had the feeling she was trying to smooth something over. What was their problem? Did the big he-man get upset when he lost?
Too bad.
I laughed out loud, not able to help myself this time. There must be some pretty solid ground to Kev’s ego, if his friend’s appearances testified to anything.
Umm, sorry,” I replied, sharing a mischievous glance with Kelly. But the men just looked at us like we had lost our minds.
Bah! This was just too much fun.

* * * *
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Happy Reading…
Kayden McLeod

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