Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: Human Blend by Lori Pescatore

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Marion, Virginia seemed like a nice place to live a normal life, but she is not a normal girl. Laney has special abilities that keep her looking over her shoulder as she makes her escape from the men who had kidnapped her. 

A young doctor's interest is piqued when he witnesses her mysteriously curing a young child's illness. He befriends her due to his growing fascination with uncovering the true nature of her abilities, but not without harboring secrets of his own. 

Laney's budding relationship with a local boy puts both of them in danger when the men she was hiding from find her. All of their lives will change forever as ancient secrets become unearthed.

Human Blend is the story of Laney who has lived her life in fear since she was taken from her father when she was a small child. Laney has some strange abilities that her abductors have used to their own gain. Now she’s run away, taken a new name- Julie Miller and is trying to make a home, and life, for herself in a small town. Her past comes back to claim her with brutal consequences.

I really enjoyed reading Human Blend. I did find it a little slow in the beginning, but when I really got into it I was hooked. Julie is a strong character and has been through a lot in her life. I could feel her desire to make a life of her own, be ‘normal’. It was such a huge part of her, but she’d been taught lessons when she’d run away before. Julie tried to distance herself from other people, but being alone all her life made her reach out despite her inner voice. Her flashbacks were awful and I felt her despair. Julie enjoys helping people feel better so she decides to volunteer at the local hospital. 

Austin is a local boy and her love interest. She’s never been in a relationship before, and it was nice watching their connection deepen. Austin is loving, romantic and really wants to take care of Julie. Then there’s the mysterious and alluring Dr. Eli Elsworth who also works at the hospital. He becomes protective of Julie, and I definitely enjoyed their interactions. Julie has a hotter connection to Eli. Austin and Julie have a smoldering burn, but Eli and Julie throw sparks. Although I think Eli is a little too much for her sometimes, but he has a deep calming effect on Julie when she has a flashback and starts to panic. There are a great collection of other characters who help Julie and the story move along. The little interactions she has with them make her happy, but there’s always the fear in the back of her mind that she’s putting them in danger. When her past and captor, Luke re-enter her life it has devastating effects on people she knows. Luke is slimy and evil. He will do whatever it takes to get Julie back and has complete disregard for the sanctity of life. He has a habit of making Julie watch and knows exactly how to break her. He made me shiver in unease. 

I liked how the author told Julie/Laney’s story. She never revealed more than was necessary but left you with enough to keep you wondering about Julie and her mysterious powers. The ending confrontation is rather explosive, and we find out about Julie’s origins. Human Blend is a thrilling tale, with the perfect blend of romance, action, humor and memorable characters. It’s a little bit paranormal with a dash of sci-fi thrown in for good measure. I am hoping there is going to be a sequel. I need to know what happens to Julie, Austin and the yummy Dr. Elsworth. I give it 4/5.

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  1. I'm glad to have read your review because just seeing the cover does nothing for me. From your review this novels sounds like a complex blend that would make a great read.

    Hmm- Interesting. Thanks for the review!!

  2. Loved the review, I've never read anything from this author but it does seem like this would be a book I would love.