Sunday, January 2, 2011

Summer Lovin' kickoff with Jessica Andersen & giveaway

Today I am lucky enough to have Jessica Andersen, author of the Final Prohpecy novels, here for an interview. Welcome to Strange Candy Reviews, Jessica. For those who haven't heard of your books can you tell us little about them?

Thanks so much for having me! (Waves at everyone out there in cyberspace.)

I’d be happy to intro the books: These are the stories of the modern magic-users called Nightkeepers, who have recently learned that it’s their job to save the world from the 2012 Doomsday prophesied by Mayan mythology. In order to reach their full powers, they must find and win their destined mates, outwit their demon foes, and keep their earthly enemies from triggering the apocalypse early. 

I think of them as a darker, sexier take on Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. The books stand alone, but combine to tell an overall story, so you can either start with the latest, Blood Spells (the fifth book in the series) or go back and start from the beginning with Nightkeepers. Or start anywhere, really!

The books, in order, are: Nightkeepers, Dawnkeepers, Skykeepers, Demonkeepers and Blood Spells. In February of 2011, a Nightkeeper novella, “Crystal Skull,” will be in the On the Hunt anthology, headlined by Gena Showalter. Then in June, the sixth big book, Storm Kissed, will be released. For excerpts and more info, please check out

Now, onto the questions:

1.  Where would you want most to go for summer if money is not an object? The moon. Because, really, how cool would that be? (And you did say money was no object … )

2.  Bikinis or one-piece swimsuits? Hmmm…. I think it depends on whether I’m lounging or doing. If the former, then bikini, thank you. If I’m up and moving around- playing volleyball, body surfing or whatnot, then bring on the one-piece so I can have fun rather than worrying about wardrobe malfunctions!

3.  Walk on the beach dilemma: Thongs (flip flops) or barefoot? Barefoot, definitely. I love the feel of sand between my toes.

4.  What was/would be your dream summer job? Doing what I’m doing now … with one less deadline per year. I’d love to have a little more breathing room in my schedule, but there’s really something lovely about the ability to pack the old laptop and work wherever. I love telling stories and being an author.

5.  Summer dilemma: Summer in Australia vs. free ticket to go backpacking in Europe.  Which one would you choose? Definitely Australia! I’m in the northeastern US of A, so your summer is my freezing, miserable winter and I would gladly escape it!

6.  What’s your perfect summer date? Ooh, that’s a stumper, actually. I’m just now dipping a toe back into the dating world after a long time away. How about you ask me that again in the fall? LOL.

7.  Surfer Boy or Cute Lifeguard? Marine biologist. I love me some bio-geek action.

8. If you could get surfing lessons from anyone, who would it be? Alex O’Loughlin. Which I probably just spelled wrong, but by the end of our lesson, my spelling skills (or lack thereof) hopefully wouldn’t be the main topic of discussion ;-)

9.  What does summer mean to you’? Baseball, barbecue, and the smell of newly mown grass.

10.  What summer food can’t you live without? Hm… I don’t know that my diet is all that seasonal. Pasta salad, maybe?

11.  If you could pick any three items that you could have when stranded on an island, what would those items be and why? Well, if I’m stranded without provisions, then fishing line, a small saw, and a tarp. If I’ve got provisions and we’re talking luxury items, then bottomless chocolate, bottomless Sugar-Free Red Bull, and a loaded e-reader!

Thank you for answering my questions Jessica.

To enter the giveaway to win a copy of one of Jessica's book, just fill out this form below.All giveaways end February 2nd.


  1. Loved the interview!

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. Thank you for the chance to win! :)

    Cherry Mischievous

  3. I've heard so many good things about this series. I have to read it! Thanks for the interview.

  4. Hey, guys!

    @ Steph/Paranormal Haven- Great to see you here! Hoping 2011 will be a fabulous year for you (and us all).

    @ Cherry- Thanks for stopping by!

    @ LSU- Awwww, glad to hear the buzz is good :) Hope you'll pick up one of the books; I love these stories! (Not that I'm biased or anything, lol)

  5. Hi Jessica.... My good friend loves your series here and so I am glad to say I've snatched up Book one already!!=)

    Oooohh, there is nothing better then sand between the toes!!=) Love it all!!

  6. Hey Jess, will you share your surf instructor with me? If not, I'll just have to suffer and go find Hugh Jackman 8-)

    Love the series and highly recommend it to all. Thanks for sharing the link to the interview, great answers and had to laugh at the red-bull answer.


  7. Great interview! The moon would be awesome!
    I don't need to be entered in contest, because I already have all your books. But for those of you who have not read this series as well as her Intrigue books, you're missing out and are in for a real treat! :)

  8. @LovLivLife Reviews, it would be a sacrifice to settle for Hugh over Alex, but for a friend like Jess, I'd put myself on the alter and do it. =)

  9. @ LovLivlife and Gail- LOLOL! Weeell, I wouldn't kick Hugh out of my surf class either... :P

    @ Virginia- Thanks so much! There's a seat for you on the bus to the moon ... :)

  10. I haven't read any of this series but after reading the blog post, it is on my wish list. Love those covers.

  11. Nice interview! What a pretty author. :) Too bad I missed this OTHER great giveaway!