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Summer Lovin' - Guest post by Christina Phillips & giveaway

Thank you, Jo-Anne, for having me at Strange Candy Reviews today as part of your Summer Lovin’ celebrations! I thought I’d chat about my ancient historical romances set during the first century AD, during the early years of the Roman occupation of Britain, featuring sexy warrior heroes and magical druid heroines

In the world of Forbidden, my Druids worship the goddess culture and magic is interwoven into their everyday lives. But with the invasion of the Romans their entire way of life is in danger of vanishing forever.

Between a warrior and a princess comes an erotic passion as all-consuming as the hatred between their warring worlds…

Forbidden is set in AD 50 Britannia. My heroine, Carys, is a Druid princess and acolyte of the Goddess of Wisdom, Cerridwen. As the Roman Legions sweep through her beloved land, she and the rest of her clan escape into a magical enclave and are waiting for a sign from their gods before they attack their enemy. They were only supposed to remain there for a short time to rebuild their defences, but their High Druid has other plans.

My hero, Maximus, is a Roman Centurion, a patrician and loyal to his Emperor and Rome. When he discovers Carys spying on his bathing ritual (a scene I quite enjoyed writing!!!) he’s instantly captivated. Who is this woman, and why hasn’t she been seen in any of the villages the Legion has vanquished?

Maximus has been charged by his Emperor to eliminate all Druids. And Carys has sworn to rid her land of the barbarous invaders. Yet despite everything that conspires against them they are irresistibly drawn to each other.

Trained in sensuality, a Druid priestess finds herself falling for the wrong man—the warrior who’s taken her prisoner…

Captive begins six months after Forbidden ends. The heroine, Morwyn, is not only recovering from the realization that the man she once loved brutally betrayed his own people, but has also turned her back on her Druidic heritage. She sets off to join the rebels fighting the Roman invaders but is ambushed and captured by a tough Gaul mercenary.

The hero, Bren, is haunted by his violent past and far from being Morwyn’s bitterest enemy as she imagines, has been undercover in the Roman Legions for the last three years. The problem is he can’t tell Morwyn the truth, because the truth could get them both killed.

Romantic Times BOOK Review

Phillips’ second in the Forbidden series is just as hot as its predecessor. Readers will be held Captive by the magic between Druid priestess Morwyn and Bren.

Forbidden: ~ Out Now

Excerpt: Over 18s Only, please!

Captive: ~ 1st February 2011

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I’d love to give away a copy of either Forbidden or Captive to one lucky commenter. Just leave a comment on this post or answer this question – why are alpha warrior heroes so hot? 


  1. Why are alpha warrior heroes so hot?

    Great question! Because they are strong, confident, primal & protective. But at the same time they must have a soft spot for love in their hearts to balance their beast-side!


  2. alpha warrior heros are so hot because their in shape and hot and sweaty all the time. Alpha heros are hot because they know what they want and take it. lol


  3. Alpha heroes are hot, because they make sure their friends and loved ones are taken care of. They would do anything for them.

  4. Hi Diana! Thanks for stopping by! I love that thought - to balance their beast-side!

    Hi Danielle - got to love those hot warriors who know exactly what they want :-) Thanks for dropping by!

    Hi debbie, I agree, it makes me melt knowing those tough alphas will do anything for those they love. Thanks for swinging by!

  5. I think their confidence and dominance makes them attractive.

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  6. Alpha warrior heroes are so hot because at the end of the day they are alpha and sometimes that means doing something you don't necessarily want to do but in order to benefit others its the right thing to do. They are hard working, built and sexily sweaty guardians of our hearts and souls:)

  7. Because they are Large and In Charge!! By Large, I mean tall and ripped with muscles, YUM :) Alpha's are all about leadership, making the tough decisions and telling you what to do and where to stick it :) They are also confrontational and maybe a little bit of a bad boy. Who wouldn't want their very own alpha??

  8. Hi Meredith - I love that sexy confidence and dominance in an alpha - yum!! Thanks for popping by!

    Hi Cath's Corner - oh I agree, guardians of our hearts, that's sooo true! thanks for your comment!

    Jolene, Large and in Charge! I *love* that! On many levels :-) I do love a bit of a bad boy!! thanks for stopping by!!

  9. They are good with their hands and they know how to take charge.

    =) Reading your post here I am very intrigued. I would certainly love to stumble upon a bathing ritual of a alpha warrior!!=) hmmmm... Sounds like it'll be as much fun to read as you had writing it.

  10. I think the question should be why are they not hot? I love alpha hero. They are so sexy and fierce. I love that they have such strong convictions and when they fall they fall hard. I love that they will do anything and everything to protect the ones that they love. They also take control in all situations. They make you feel protected. Oh, how I love them!

  11. I'm embarrassed to say this but I don't care for the full on "MINE!" alpha hero. So the ones who are like irritate me but I love a take-charge and leaderly sort of alpha who can be the boss without bulldozering the heroine. I enjoy seeing a man who has that protective urge without being a caveman about it. ;)

    Alphas also tend to dive into the fray without thought for themselves and that sacrifice of self for others thing is very sexy.

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  12. ♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ The bathing ritual is in chapter one - which is up on my website if you wanted to have a read!! Thanks for your comment!

    Danielle, lol! That's why I love them, not only are they sexy and fierce but it's knowing they're prepared to do anything for the one they love. Thanks for dropping by!

    Rhianna, I'm the same - I love an alpha *but* his honor has to be such that he respects his heroine's rights to her own opinions. Even when they drive him mad and he doesn't share them!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  13. Alpha Warriors are hot because you know they are going to get what they want, they aren't going to stop trying and they always make the readers heart race when they are on the prowl.

    I like a strong alpha but I also like him to have a real soft spot for the heroine he is after.

  14. I agree with Mary! Love how alpha heros know what they want and are not afraid to try to win it over. At the same time, they are respectful of the heroine and would often put her needs and desires first. What's not to love? And not to mention their physique and finesse :P

  15. Mary and winnie, I totally agree, that's what I love about the alpha warrior! Tough and determined but with that soft spot he only has for his heroine *sigh* Their hot body doesn't hurt either :-) thanks for dropping by!!

  16. why are alpha warrior heroes so hot ?

    I believe they need to be so HOT because Control is in their hand. And power to protect the heroine is the main thing :)

    *coffee is not enough to make my mind clear to answer this*

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  17. Alpha heroes are so hot because they are just plain sexy!
    The are strong and commanding and know what they want then go and get it. Usually arrogant but you know they have a big heart buried under that tough exterior. What's not to love really.
    Oh, and they usually have big defend their lady loves with! ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Hi mariska! Yes, that protective streak is *very* sexy in an Alpha! Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Crystal! Hehehe, yes got to love those big swords!!! Thanks for commenting!!

  19. They tend to be intelligent, strong, loyal, protective, and very capable--all attractive traits. And, of course, in books they're always gorgeous, which doesn't hurt!

  20. Hi LSUReader! It doesn't hurt when they're gorgeous as well, does it? The perfect package!! thanks for dropping by!

  21. It's funny... I actually like alpha ones JUST because I can't help but imagine the arguments I could have with them! LOL